Jiang Su Zhongcheng Building Material Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, was formerly Changshu Prudential Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional production of high-grade hollow glass, mosaic glass, insulating blinds, laminated glass, wrought iron glass, cabinets, solid wood doors, Topps sliding doors, toolboxes and other famous enterprises. 1998, the company put into steel plant, all advanced assembly plant, hollow plastic folder workshop, design and R & D center, garden plants built and use; in 2001 the implementation of ERP systems, MBO target management system, standard laboratory built and into Europe Australia, East Asia, 2004 completion of the new plant to use toolbox cabinets, shutters also built a new division to make. 2007, the integrity of the new plant was built using construction materials, to further expand the production scale, so far, the company is a subsidiary of CITIC Building Materials Co., Ltd. Changshu, Changshu Qin Building Materials Co., Ltd. Changshu integrity of building materials, tool cabinets, Ltd. Changshu Cheng four production bases The basic shape.
       The total area of ​​530 acres, now has total assets of 500 million yuan, more than 2,500 employees. Sales share lead in the industry. The company has been named China Architectural Glass Association and the glass industry as "Top Ten brand"; Jiangsu Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision was awarded "Jiangsu quality of corporate integrity", was "in Jiangsu Province", "Jiangsu Famous Brand", " High-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province "," Jiangsu Province Quality Management Advanced Enterprise "," Jiangsu building energy conservation technology industrial base ", was awarded the nation's largest distributor of insulating glass ODL" global supplier of the best quality "title.


Add:Building Materials Industrial Park,Changshu,Suzhou,China.
Tel:0512-52388888 52389853

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